It began in the middle of the night…one of those ideas that wake you up, and won’t let go until you get up and do something about it; and it happened night after night for months.  This blog is the ongoing work and journal of Karin Wilmoth, a knitting instructing, homeschooling mom, science aficionado, and fiber enthusiast.   I come from a family with generations linked by the ‘crafty’ gene.  However, I didn’t begin knitting until 2000; and my first project were socks.  I like to be adventurous in knitting; deconstructing the whole to understand the parts.  When I’m not teaching my children, or working on designing, I can be found most every weekend at my LYS Anacapa Fine Yarns, teaching and helping customers.  Through my experience teaching at the shop, and working with fellow designers there, I’m cultivating my abilities as a designer.

On vacation with my family I lucked out when I bought a new copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around at a used book store.  I loved each chapter of her life even more than the patterns.  I was intrigued by the Bog Shirt by Meg Swansen, and went quickly to my needles and stash to play with it.  This idea of a one-piece garment was fun, and the principle was simple enough. In Meg’s original pattern, your garment is a knitted square with garter ridges equal to the number of stitches cast-on.  Genius!   The various ways to adapt any style garment to this construct intrigued me, and led to many middle of the night brain-storming sessions.  I read articles about the “Bog Shirt” which was made from a woven square that could be cut into a one piece garment with zero waste.  I played with paper squares, working out my ideas in a 3-D format, and saw the endless potential in this undeveloped garment construct.  Thus, this blog was born.  The way you hold stitches, then open them later, folding sections in and over to form a 2-seam only garment reminded me of Kirigami (origami with scissors).  So, I hope to create many patterns and help this fledgling garment construction to grow.

Kirigami knitting was inspired by the wonderful genius of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Bog Jacket, which you can find in the book Knitting Around from SchoolhousePress.com.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of your own; not just for the  patterns, but for the glimpse into her life.  Elizabeth Zimmerman was an amazing knitter, teacher, and designer.  Reading her newsletters is like having a Master Knitter in your living room.  Her conversational style will inspire you to develop your knitterly intuition as it did for me.


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