Is it Holiday season already? Oh Yes. Yes it is.

I’ve never been good about planning Holiday gift knitting.  By the time I think of it, October is usually half through, and it might just be too late.  Yeah for us though, that Interweave puts out their Special Issue – Holiday in September:


When the call for submissions went out earlier this year, I just fell in love with their mood board.  Visions of woolly sweaters with Nordic motifs danced in my head.  I thought, “what if I could cut open a couple and make them into a blanket…and added batting and soft flannel?”  So I swatched, and raided my stash of fabric from past pairs of Christmas PJs for the flannel backing.  It was gloriously warm, and comfortable.  It’s 10″ x 12″ size was like a baby’s snuggy – I carried it around with me like a toddler.

I submitted my concept, only enlarged to wrap an adult, while being able to tuck under toes, and included dimensions for a crib size.  I was so thrilled that they accepted my Reindeer Woods Lapghan project, and now you can enjoy it too!


It starts with a band of 1 x 1 ribbing, just like the bottom edge of a sweater.  Worked flat in Fair Isle, you will knit your way from the Forest Floor to the Forest Canopy, and each half with simple Stockinette st.  To make the generous 46″ x 63 1/2″ less cumbersome, it is worked two in halves and grafted together (with a special note about using a Russian join).  I love the way the rustic Cascade 220 Sport paired with the Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel.  I have to say, this was the first time I’ve ever used a real woven flannel, not just the flannel that is printed on top.  It is a substantial piece of fabric, and beautiful on its own.  It’s perfect for shirts, too!  I’m dreaming of getting more and sewing a skirt for the winter with it.


I made another sample  – this one of the baby blanket size out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in solids, and using the new Tonals – yum!  Total baby squishiness! and machine washable, as well.  I found a whimsical cotton plaid (cheaper because it’s a print) for my backing, and made sure my batting was also machine washable just to be safe:



Thanks to Amy and Celia for letting me takes pictures of their sweet babies – Ethan & Valerie – so adorbs!



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