What’s on Your Needles?

I hope you all got through the January Flu season unscathed….we didn’t.  However, now that everyone in the family is sans cough or fever, I’m back to the needles.  I knit.  a lot. like hours and hours EVERY day.  It takes many days of 102 degree fever to make me put down the needles.  Losing 10 days of knitting time made me knit furiously to catch up with deadlines, class samples, and projects in general.

Now that I’m in the rhythm again, I’d like to share what’s on my needles while I’m watching the Olympics.  Currently, I’m participating in the KAL for the Ambrose Chapel Capelet from the book, “Hitch: Patterns Inspired by the Films of Alfred Hitchcock.  Luise O’Neill is the designer.  This is a comforting wrap that begins at the neck and works down in a circle shape.  We were fortunate to have had it at the shop for a trunk show of Hitch! patterns.  It was very impressive and received much attention.  I’m making mine from Juniper Moon Farms Moonshine in the Seaside colorway:


I started last Thursday evening, and only got to knit on it at night while watching the Olympics.  Already, I’m on Row 81 out of 114.  I love the texture, and if it ever gets cold around here (83 degrees F expected by Wednesday, ugh!), I’ll be most glad to have it around my shoulders.

The pattern is clear, and easy to understand – just the kind of pattern I need while oohing and aahhing over the Women’s Slopestyle, or Team Skating competitions.   I’ve mostly knit lightweight shawls; this is my first worsted wt capelet.  I love the way the sample rested on my shoulders, and the Moonshine in this one will drape beautifully as well.


Here the cabled edges are worked as I go, and the textured center is a fun knit.


Up Next:

The KAL for Our Gal Midge will be starting March 1st and will run through May 1st.  I hope you will join me, and can start planning for your materials soon.  I will post links and more information next week.  In the meantime, I leave you with this question:  What are you knitting while watching (or not watching) the Olympics?  Please share in the comments section. Thanks.

edited to add:

BW cover pic

There is an awesome new fiction book by Larissa Brown (amazing designer) called Beautiful Wreck.  It is set in the future and the past – a time travel Viking Love Story for certain!  Larissa’s vivid writing style places you in the settings.  It is easy to see, smell, and picture yourself in both worlds.  Imagine a place where small patches of grass are novel, and rare; where “regular work attire” means everyone walks around in wardrobe like a Hollywood backlot.

Right now Cooperative Press has some benes for ordering the book on Amazon.  It’s too late for the discount, but until Valentine’s Day, you can still get a free copy of Lichen by Ms. Brown with purchase, AND if you review it and share (like I am right now), there is another bene  – Betta.  You’ll get codes for them to download in your Ravelry library.   Hurry, though, as these bonuses will only be available for a few days more.

What a deal!  Beautiful Wreck while I knit in the day, Olympics to knit by at night!


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