The new Jane Austen is here!

Today, the mailman is my favorite person.  He brought a wonderful surprise – my print copy and my first paycheck (for a non-self published pattern) for my contribution to Jane Austen Knits 2013

     I’ve been a Janeite for as long as I’ve been reading.  My Northanger Pelisse design, a full-lengthed coat with oodles of cables and lace, begins with a strip of I-cord.


I wish you could see the “buttons.” 


They aren’t buttons at all, but crystal clear beads with silver foil and sapphire cores.  They hide a snap closure sewn to strips of ribbon…



It is worked from the top down using the Contiguous method


This issue is full of wonders from cover to cover.  I’m making two other items from it…a men’s vest (A Vest for Charles)


I’m using Plymouth Encore, and the one alteration that I’m making is an afterthought pocket in a contrasting color.  I’ve set-up where I want the pockets to be, and will make them when I’ve finished the rest of the vest.  The son for whom this is intended wears a pocket watch, and this vest needs a pocket for a pocket watch, dontcha think? 

     I love to work finishing as I go, and I was really excited to see that the front edges are done this way as well.  Hooray for one-piece garments!



The other item is A Most Sensible Bonnet by Theressa Silver.  She is the author of Hat Couture, and a fellow contributor to Stitching In The Stacks.  I love this Dupioni Silk Ribbon from Midori.  The two-toned sheen will be awesome against the black of my hat.

As if those projects weren’t enough, I’ve been working on the October project for the Unique Sheep’s Playing in the Snow Club.  These colorful mitts are called “Toasties” by Allison George.  This is my first time working with Wild Thing, a merino/silk blend from The Unique Sheep.  I wish there was Feel-O-Vision on the internet so you all could experience how creamy soft this yarn is!  



Now the question is…will I keep these, or gift them?  Hmmmm…

What are you all knitting for the upcoming gift season?  Please comment and share.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 16:48:45

    Wow Karen! That pelisse is stunning…. I am in awe.
    As for what’s on the needles, I’m kind of going cowl crazy at the moment. Maybe because I’m trying to use stash yarn 🙂


  2. JoAnn Lee
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 11:59:19

    I absolutely love this design, and I have just started it, but I am having trouble figuring out the pattern for the gsr shaping. I know how to… it’s just that the pattern doesn’t mention the usual “turn” and work you normally find in short row shaping. It appears to me that the gsr is done at the very beginning of the rows? Am I missing something? Is this actually what I need to be doing? I am so frustrated… I am an extremely experienced knitter and I just want to knit this beauty!!!


    • knittingkirigami
      Jul 04, 2014 @ 16:05:18

      I saw your question on Ravelry. If you scroll down on the German Short Row topic you’ll see my reply. I explained the technique more fully originally, but it was edited down. I hope this helps.
      On my way home from a great day at the beach,


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