Summer To-Do List

Today is the official first day of Summer.  You know how you get busy during the school-year and never have time to get to those projects that really need to get done, but aren’t emergencies?  I’m kinda of a submission junkie – I get obsessive about responding to as many Calls-For-Submissions as I can.  It’s exciting doing the prep, working in Photoshop to express my concepts on just 1 page, then sending it on its way.  Then there’s the OCD clicking of the calendar on the desktop to count how many days until the call-out is closed, more obsessive waiting until I can expect to hear back.  I fill that time with more submissions to distract myself, but it just starts the cycle again…..and in the meantime, projects that need to be written and photographed, edited sit by and build up.

So, I wrote out my Summer Honey-Do List of patterns that have to be finished so they can be published.  I’ve got two new patterns checked off my list, AAANNNNDDD….the first of three book contributions with Cooperative Press has been released:

Stitching in the Stacks


The Bunny Watson Vest is my tribute to Katherine Hepburn’s charater in the Movie Desk Set.  It is a tailored waistcoat with facings worked-as-you-go.  This book is so much fun, and is very inspiring itself.  There is a Summer KAL in the Cooperative Press Group that will go from July 1st through Aug. 31st with prizes, too.  Now to choose which project/s to do.  You are welcome to make a “Bunny Watson” for yourself.  Heck, I want to make another.



I also have two new patterns up on Ravelry:

Chintz Shawl, inspired by Victorian fabric/ wallpaper, and knit in two wts of Anzula yarn (love it) – For Better or Worsted & Squishy.  If you are at TNNA in Columbus this weekend, it will be on display at their booths #347, 349, 446 & 448.



It has three ways to I-Cord, and finishes the edges as you go.  I’m also teaching this as a class at Anacapa Fine Yarns – Three Sessions-Saturday, July 13, 27 and August 10, 9 to 11 am.  You can get the pattern here.

and the next pattern is:

the Jasmine Vine Wrap:






Through test-knitting a fellow designer’s pattern (Centripetal by Lauren Dahl), I discovered German Short Rows, and found that I LOVE them. They are super simple, and have no fiddly wrap-and-turns. Stopping short in a row of knitting creates a stair-step effect that can leave unsightly gaps in your work. A German Short Row, basically, lowers the steps minimizing the gaps. The Jasmine Vine Wrap is my play on this technique. To add a bit of fun, I’ve combined it with a highly textured novelty yarn. The wedges created by short rows make the novelty yarn ‘vine’ up the center of the wrap; which can be worn as a capelet or a scarf.  It can be found here. I used “Flowers” by Viking of Norway, and a smooth, solid DK wt yarn.  It is beginner-friendly, as it is mostly Stockinette with garter edges.  This is also a class at Anacapa Fine Yarns – One Session-Sunday, June 30, 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

P.S.  My friend Shawna Hatton is the BEST for modeling for me. 

I submitted a fabulous design to Jane Austen Knits, and it got accepted!!! Yea!!!  I can’t tell anything about it yet, other than it is a full-lengthed coat with cables & lace and lots of surprises, that will be on newstands (and probably your LYS) in Nov.  It is a semi-one piece garment worked in my 2nd favorite construction – contiguous method.  This method has the look of a set-in sleeve with its fine details, but with the ease of one-piece top-down knitting.

There are three FOUR Kirigami patterns that need to be typed up (schematics & charts, and samples are done); two more that are being prepped for submissions (you didn’t think I’d really pause that did you?)……aaannnnd, I’m re-working the Koke Garden in a newer yarn, better pics, and using my new editing skills to make it better in Spud & Chloe’s Outer – (made of superwash 65% wool/35% organic cotton), so stay tuned for more happenings.

My To-Do List is still quite long, but hey, it’s only the first day of Summer…..hmmm, maybe I can do a little tomorrow; today, the beach looks pretty good.


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