Designing wherever you are

My summer to-do list grew much faster than I had anticipated.  Let me explain…submitting patterns is like fishing – you put many poles (submissions) into the pond and hope that one might land a big one, or any one for that matter.  Not being a confident fisherman/person/whatever, I submitted like crazy.  Much to my surprise quite a few were accepted.  Very, very exciting..that is, until the work starts to come due…all, mostly at the same time..yikers! I have three projects in collaboration for separate books by Cooperative Press coming, hopefully, by the end of the year or sooner – Stitching in the Stacks, Sailor’s Valentine, & Hitch!.  I have a one-piece tunic design for Tangled made some glorious beaded silk from Louisa Harding, and a beaded scarf for Lotus Yarns , made from mink (they aren’t harmed, just groomed).  aaaannnddd…I’m curbing my submission addiction by limiting myself to just two more this Summer so I can work on a couple of self-published garments that have sat on the back burner for too long…I hope…isn’t this the endless Summer?

Now that the warmest season is well under way, vacations also begin…but the work must also be done.  So, I take my designing with me.  …to theme parks, to the beach, to the mountains, by the campfire in the dusk, wherever I happen to go.  Armed with a notebook, a pencil, & my Kindle, and the project of the day (usually the next one due), I enjoy the great outdoors.  The fresh air seems to invigorate the synapses.  Here are a few pics for your enjoyment:

After knitting in lines all day, we watched the World of Color at California Adventure.

Who knew that water could do that?

We went to Carpinteria on the 4th of July. The sun never came out to warm us, and I had a stare-down with this guy.


I was sitting on the foggy sand, knitting, when I took this pic..not bad zoom, since it is 2 mi offshore.


I am working on “Midge” – a top-down contiguous polo shirt, while enjoying the melodic sounds of the nearby stream.  I’m also educating myself by reading Market Yourself  by Tara Swiger on my Kindle.  AND do you see that yarn?  It is Opal in Grey Goose colorway by The Woolen Rabbit – a completely satisfying blend of Merino, Silk & Cashmere.  The picture doesn’t capture all the nuances of warm grey, but trust me, it’s fabulous!

checking gauge…& reading my Kindled Knit Edge – issue Zero, specifically the Chi-Chi Cowl by the Sexy Knitter.

When in the wilderness, do what you can..

Breathe deeply and enjoy the Summer.


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