What I learned on a Photo Safari…

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to spend the morning learning how to better my photo-taking skills at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara.  Gale Zucker of She Shoots Sheep Shots blog taught us so much, it filled my brain.  Gale & Joan Tapper worked together on the book Craft Activism, a definite must-read (I, gladly, picked up a copy, signed by both).  Who knew that your monitor needs to be calibrated once in awhile?  I didn’t.   I do now.  We roamed the neighborhood taking the makings of great pics in alleys, driveways, and sometimes the neighbors’ yards (with permission, of course).  I was also very glad to learn that while Picnic will be ending soon, Pixlr is more than able to take its place.  I think it is even better than Picnic.  Here are some pics:


This is my Toe-Up pattern, re-worked in Knit Picks in Swish Tonal - Springtime colorway. It is a great 1st toe-up sock pattern.




This is a favorite shawl of mine. I used two kinds of Noro, with no two colorways alike, letting the hues flow & meet naturally.


Celeste, owner of the Loop & Leaf, wore this fabulous circle shawl that she added beads to. I love the drape & hint of sparkle.



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