Whoot! Three of my patterns are up on Knit Picks now!

Yeah!  Now for your viewing pleasure The Kanagawa Cowl in Chroma Worsted, The Go-Go Newsboy in Wool of the Andes Tweed, and the Fillmore Scarf  in Chroma Fingering (featuring my d 16yos – click on the more views tab on website).  Isn’t Emily lovely?  I’m waiting on news (nail-biting, obsessively clicking ‘get mail’ button) from Quince & Co.  to see if my submission for a beaded scarf made the cut or not., and I just ordered 6 skeins of their “Puffin” yarn to rework the Koke Garden Cardi.  I’m going to gradiate colors in warm, rich dark greens to Nasturtium & Pale yellow.  It looked so soft and lovely,  I couldn’t decide on just one color.

I said that I’d never ‘tweet,’  didn’t think that speaking my thoughts at the moment would ever be for me.  Oh well, never say never.  I’m on Twitter – see knitspinner69.  It’s so easy when you’re limited to 140 characters.  It started as a way to help connect others with my home-away-from-home: Anacapa Fine Yarns, but getting a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of the people I admire, and getting to know some I didn’t before is fascinating.   I’m really excited to connect with some really amazing designers, and fabulous yarn companies.  I’m trying not to obsess with it..very hard..harder than I thought it would be.

One company I’m really excited to know further is the Three Irish Girls yarn co.  Their colorways are rich and vibrant.  I really like  “Ian,” but then I may be partial because my eldest son is Ian, and HE would like those colors too.  Also, I submitted 2 patterns to them that I hope they really like (both Kirigami-style).  We’ll see, she say with fingers &, maybe, eyes crossed.

Next blog:   swatches of a reeeeaally lovely cotton blend yarn from Autumn House Farm.


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