Hey, I know that I’ve been VERY quiet here. However, it has been a whirlwind of activity on the home front. I’m in crazy design-mode! I’ve been swatching like a mad woman, and submitting patterns everywhere I can. I even created a Google calendar to keep up with the deadlines. I’m working on beaded lacy spencer for special occasions, a tweedy, asymmetric jacket with woven plaid as you go, a summery silky tunic with feminine lines, and a handful of others. On a different note – three of my other patterns will be part of Knit Picks IDP.  I’m getting ready to take pics, and send them off. I’ll let you know when they are up and ready. I want to give a wonderful shout-out to Autumn House Farm.  I’m falling in love with one of their new yarns Artisan Bamboo Tweed.

It’s not on the website yet, but I was very blessed to have been sent a full skein in Loden (love it!) to try.    It is a worsted wt single ply blend of 80% wool & 20% bamboo.  Can I just say what a joy it is to knit with – super soft, and the colors delight the eyes.

Each skein is 200 yds of richly colored goodness, and is a smooth, even-spun yarn.  The wool portion shows off the deep earthy tones of the dye, while the bamboo reflects a lovely sheen, and gives drape to whatever you’re knitting.

I’m also drooling over Finnean’s Rainbow.  I find myself wanting to design something, just so I can highlight the yarn.  I just can’t decide which color I like best.  They are all very inspiring.

Thanks for hanging with me, Karin


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