Trolling for Babies?

I went to my good friend, Anne of Moonlight stitches ‘s house to photograph her lovely little girl and the namesake of the Mirabella pattern.  I don’t have the best equipment by far, but I was able to take some very pretty pics of little Bella:

However,  I hadn’t had time to get the pics to the computer to edit, and I was wishing that I also had a 3-6mo old to photograph as well., as little Bella is just 6 weeks old.  I found myself trolling the nursery at church between services,  looking for the proper-sized baby.  I was out of luck – either they were too little or too big, or I wasn’t familiar enough with the Mommy to ask if I could take the pic.  Hmmmm.  It must have been kismet, because now that I’ve edited my shots, I’m much happier with the results.  I’m almost ready to send the pattern off to testers, and I’m very excited about teaching the pattern at by LYS (Anacapa Fine Yarns).

Here’s the banner for the pattern: 

Don’t you just loooooove baby toes?


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