“..and they’re off! and whatever happened to my favorite pair of jeans?”

Sorry folks…no pics today.  However I sent off yarn to my test knitter to start working on the Koke Garden Cardi.  I’m very excited about it, AND I even have a gal in the UK who is going to test it for me.  If all goes well, the pattern will be up and available on Ravelry by the end of the month.  On my needles I’m swatching to make a cropped denim style jacket.  I saw this gal at church wear it several times, and couldn’t help myself.  I know I should have been listening to the pastor, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to have a knitted version of it.  It’s the kind of thing that would make every figure look good.  Hmmm, was I coveting my neighbor’s possession?  Maybe. Anyway after service I sketched it out, and asked her to turn around so I could get the details down.  I love the idea of a favorite pair of jeans; a comfy,  always-feels-good garment.

So, as I said, I’m swatching – looking for the perfect yarn to really give it that favorite-jeans look.  I wanted it to be the right shade of blue, and the feel of cotton.  I started with Weekend by Berroco in Steel Blue, though it looks like slightly dirty teal, like a well worn pair.  I like it, but I was hoping for more cotton.  Next up Mirasol (one of my favorite companies.  I’m always drawn to them like a moth to the flame – I really can’t help myself, it IS so beautiful!).  I have lighter version, that definitely has the right feel and texture, Hap’i in Periwinkle for that faded denim look.  It really is too violet, but I will happily find another use for this skein.   Then I saw Sawya, and was in love.  It was the perfect color, Rich Navy, soft 100% cotton goodness.  It has a rustic thick/thin texture, but somehow it isn’t as lovely to knit as I hoped.  I may have to adjust my expectations.  I’m torn between two loves – the perfect color, or the perfect texture….I’m going to keep working on it and will let you know later (pics will be included) .  Stay tuned.


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