“NOooo,” she moaned, “let me sleep.”

It began in the middle of the night…one of those ideas that wake you up, and won’t let go until you get up and do something about it; and it happened night after night for months.   I had been knitting the “Bog Shirt” by Meg Swansen, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how this construction could be adapted.  Now you should know that I am not a morning person.  Also, I am not a middle of the night person.  Once I’m asleep, I do NOT like to be woken up (which sometimes makes me an unsympathetic, grumpy mommy – wish it was different, but I yam what I yam).  Night after night the gears in my brain wouldn’t stop turning.  The more I fought it, the louder and more insistent it became.  I finally succumb to inspiration, and got my sleep back.  These midnight urgings blossomed into lace cardigans, cropped denim-style jackets, baby cardigans, and tunics.  So far, most are still in paperdoll form, but some are becoming patterns, and a backlog of them are getting ready to be test knit and edited.  I will have pics up soon, so stay tuned.


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